Special food
for Dogs & Cats

With a solution to:

allergy - intolerance - skin & coat

digestion - stomach - intestine - diarrhoea

joints - mobility - obesity

bladder stones - kidneys - liver

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Why do people choose CLiNiC?

The development of the products not only took into account the particular nutritional purpose for which dietary foods are used, but also sought to solve often concomitant problems in dogs and cats.

All our diets are based on:


And in addition to the particular nutritional goal, focus on:

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Health and nutrition

As we do, our pets also struggle with their health from time to time. Research has shown, that a special diet can have a clear positive effect on the course of the disorder. This ranges from significant reduction to total disappearance of symptoms

Switching easily

Step 1: If you are going to switch your dog or cat to a diet of CLiNiC, she or

                 he needs to get used to it. Therefore mix CLiNiC with the old food.


Step 2: Increase the amount of CLiNiC during 3 days. As of day 4, only give your dog

                  or cat exclusively CLiNiC nutrition.


Step 3: Divide the prescribed daily amount of CLiNiC into 3 to 6 small portions.


And don't forget your dog or cat regularly:

  • weigh
  • move
  • provide fresh water 


CLiNiC petfood is a Dutch company founded in 1999 by veterinarian Jan van Mameren and associate Henk Buiring. They believed that cat and dog food for special purposes should be widely available. With that in mind, they have developed a range of effective and scientifically based veterinary diets in collaboration with veterinarians and nutritionists. CLiNiC's mission is to contribute to a better life for your pet so that the special bond between owner and four-legged friend is preserved for as long as possible.


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